Exciting Times!

The DoEAiA MEDIA website and first issue of UP: Unapologetically ProBlack Magazine premiered November 10th 2019. My wife and I are very happy with the reception of it and the wonderful comments we have been receiving along with encouragement to “keep up the good work”.

I have just finished work on this week’s DRAPETOMANIAC PODCAST and am excited to get it posted. I have reached out to YouTube content creators, Sister Ajali (The Radical Sister), Lashid4U and SYKOPATHeist who will be contributing to the UPTV channel presenting UNCENSORED ProBlack commentary for the building of the ProBlack community.

I have also reached out to Afrikan Esquire TV, and she will be contributing content for UP Magazine from a Pan-African perspective.

We have invited writers, artists, musicians, poets and content creators who are getting on board to expand the scope of what we are doing here at DoEAiA MEDIA and it is a very exciting time.

We want to thank everyone who has taken the time to read the magazine and examine the content on the website and if you would like to contribute don’t hesitate to send to: and we will be happy to consider it!

Also, we have added a guest book to the site, so be sure and sign it and let us know you are out there supporting us!


Again… these are VERY exciting times and we look forward to the growth and development of not only this platform, but the asset we can be to our community at large!


This is the place I will work though my thoughts, take the time to look at ideas, unpack and unravel them, and hopefully come to some kind of understanding… and ultimately solutions.


I presently have a channel dedicated to the betterment of Black men, and by extension the Black community at large by learning together to not look at what we feel are shortcomings in our women… but the places within OURSELVES to elevate our people.




Why create a website?

Why create a magazine?

Why go through the trouble… the time, the energy and the work?



I have spent a lot of time thinking about and talking about separation. When I started my YouTube  channel “IYAPO YAPA – If You Aren’t Pissed Off, You Aren’t Paying Attention”, my focus was to have discussions about reparations… however, as time went on and I got deeper into the nuts and bolts of it, I began to see that the problem was far more complex than I had ever imagined at the time. Since then, I have watched as the body counts of our people has risen at the same time as our standard of living has continued its nose dive (though it could be argued, how far can a nose dive be for a people who are already at the bottom?