We. Us. Our

We. Us. Our. Our Voices. Our Values. Our Views. Our Stories. Our Perspective. Our Way.


Now, more than ever, i am thinking about the “Hows.” How We come to know. How We arrive at Our beliefs. How We make decisions. How do We choose Our partners? How do We restore Ourselves? How do We adorn Our bodies and Our homes? How do We express Ourselves? How and about what do We educate Our children? How do We choose Our meals and determine what else goes into Our bodies? How do We decide what is beautiful? How do We select Our vacation/dream destinations? How do We spend Our time? How do We arrive at Our spiritual beliefs? What do We hold sacred. How do We decide who We trust? Who Our friends are? Who are Our allies? Enemies?


I have been convinced that the conscious and progressive education of Our youth is the critical missing link in Our collective kugichagulia/self-determination and final escape from enslavement. And, more and more, i am thinking about Our ongoing mis/education, indoctrination, & about Our continuous, relentless, aggressive exposure to propaganda. Because i suspected it was at the core of many of Our HOWs, i looked up the word “media.” The first result i found when searching the internet was the following: “Media are the communication outlets or tools used to store and deliver information or data. The term refers to components of the mass media communications industry, such as print media, publishing, the news media, photography, cinema, broadcasting, and advertising.” It works. It gives me something to marinate on as We work on re/committing to and building DoEAiA Media.


Where are Our Stores of Us? Where are We stored and storing for us? The places where we can go to buy into US? Our Black selves? Our core selves? Who is delivering information to Us? What data are they delivering? And are they for BlackUs? Is their information-data-way in Our best interest? (Or in Our interest at all?) Here at DoEAiA Media, We are building. Brick by brick. We are creating for Us. Stores. Stories. Through books, magazines, photographs, videos,… Whatever and how ever We can. Explore and consume Our website in its fullness. We are ready to revisit the next issue of UP Magazine which has been in the works for a looooooooong while. In the meantime, re/read UP Magazine. Get some merch for yourself and your peoples. EnJOY Our “The Drapetomaniac Podcast;” there is a lot to re/listen to there. We continue to network and build relationships with BlackUs throughout the world. We are hot and heavy with a couple of new projects including a novel that is getting pretty close to being ready for editing. We are here. Still here and in motion.


Thank you for your prayers, love, guidance, and support. Thank you for being here. Thank you for being you. Thank you for being US. Thank GOoD for BlackUs.


 EnJOY, in Love, in Freedom: ~anGela!