Welcome to UPTV!

If you are tired of the same day to day “Oppression Porn”, “Celebrity” Gossip, and diversions from the things that TRULY affect your daily life… THIS IS THE PLACE!


IYAPO YAPA originally premiered on YouTube in October of 2017, since then the host, Iyapo Yapa has been instructing the audience that the name is actually an acronym which stands for: If You Aren’t Pissed Off, You Aren’t Paying Attention.


Iyapo has been giving commentary, observations and a few laughs to his loyal viewers but due to the sometimes controversial nature of his commentary his channel was constantly shadow banned and suppressed, but now… on UPTV Iyapo’s message can be delivered uncensored.




beFABULOUSyou: Welcome FabuLight! Channel befabulousyou offers: *News chat +  *Reviews (books, movies, television shows, food,…) + *Lecture responses + *Storytimes + ***MORE!


I loooooooove a good story; Don’t you? With enough time  I’d consume news stories for breakfast; movies for lunch; television shows for dinner; movies for desert; and have regular snacks of lectures. :)



Time is limited. Thank you for joining me as I share my take as I “digest” our world. Appreciate you joining me on the journey and look forward to your feedback and perspective.


Be YOU. Be FABULOUS, Be Fabulous You!